Layout of the week...

I wanted to share a layout that I did last week using some new Chatterbox stickers that I got at the Dollar Store. (isn't it so fantastic when you can get yummy scrappin supplies at the dollar store?!?!) It was chosen as the layout of the week at http://memorableseasons.com/. This is a fantastic website that I found a few weeks ago that has some great talent on it. I love the gallery there, and they have lots of cool challenges that they issue to keep you motivated and give you a starting point. At least, it gives ME kind of a starting point. Check them out.


Olympics Hangover.

It's a real condition. The local news termed it. Hit the nail on the head. I laughed when I heard it previewed; they were going to do a story on it, following the men's gymnastics competition. I set the DVR to record it, but since gymnastics ran for 8,000 hours, my DVR didn't pick up the news. So I missed what they had to say about it, but I'm lovin' the term, and it totally fits how I've been feeling. Everyday. Dragging. Up until midnight or later. The info blasts me in the face every time I log on to Yahoo! Video clips everywhere. Scandals galore - underage gymnasts? fake fireworks? racist photos? I soak it all up.
And then there's my favorite. MP. LOVE that guy. He holds a place in my heart, and here's why.
It all started when Zack was born in 2005. Phelps was only a year out of the 2004 Olympics. Pretty famous guy because of his awesome performance. Long story short, because of what happened during delivery, I couldn't stand without the use of a walker, hence, couldn't give Zack a bath. So, after he got one sink bath his first day home, I opted to give him tub baths with me from then on. Immediately I could tell that he was lovin' the water. LOVED it. Then, when he was 16 months, he went swimming in the pool in Arizona, and the kid couldn't stop jumping in. On. His. Own. Everyone kept looking at me like "hey, lady, your kid -- your ki--oh, he jumped." Oh yeah, don't forget the time he jumped in during swim lessons, while I turned my back to grab a floatie, and the lady in the gallery screamed, and two lifeguards jumped in after him, and he came up smiling and laughing, but when he saw how scared everyone was, he started to cry. So I've been calling Zack "Michael Phelps" forever.
And how proud would you be to be his mother?! The interviews with her, the photos of her, bring tears to my eyes. As the mother of a little boy, I can only hope that he seeks me out in the stands of whatever sport he plays the way that Michael looks for his mother. The special interest story when they interviewed her prior to his first race really choked me up. She told the story of her memory of Michael receiving his first gold medal in the 2004 Olympics. She said he was walking toward her, with a peanut butter/jelly sandwich in one hand, and a gold medal in the other, and he looks at her with the hugest grin on his face and says "look what I did." Wow. I get chills even now, just picturing it. something about little boys and their mothers. I can picture Zack giving me that same look. Pure sweetness.


All this crafting YUMMINESS awaits!

For those of you in the Minnesota area September 12-14, you MUST check out ScrapFest at the Mall of America. Sponsored by Archiver's, this event is UH-MAZING. Last year was the first year I could attend, and I signed up for three classes, and went for one entire day. After a minute at the event, I vowed I'd do the entire weekend this year. And I am. When the classes were announced, I instantly made my list of the ones I just HAD to take. I put them into a few categories, rated on which I'd pick up first, then second, etc. Signing up for these classes is a major deal. You've got to be fast. There are limited seats and things sell out fast. So I had my game plan. I had my credit card number written in huge leaders, taped in front of me so I was sure to type it in fast. The day the classes went on sale, I was at the computer, ready and 6:59 a.m. to sign in and register for classes. Oh, was I sweating, grabbing stuff, adding it to my cart, and checking out one at a time like they recommend. Only a few minor computer lock-outs, and by 7:23 a.m. I had scheduled 11 classes. I missed out on one Hambly Studios, but I am very satisfied with how I did. And most everything was sold out by that time! Cripes, that stuff goes fast. Below is a list of what I have waiting for me:
  • Me & My Big Ideas: Family Circle Album, circle chipboard album
  • K & Company: Scrapbooking with Amy Butler - create two 12x12 double page layouts and Celebrate Fall
  • Heidi Swapp: create 2 12x12 layouts
  • Basic Grey: create 6 Euphoria Magnetic cards
  • Cosmo Cricket: Frightfully fun Haunted Album, and Charming Card Boxusing Jack's World collection
  • Fancy Pants: two page spread using clear transparencies
  • Hero Arts: taught by Her Coolness herself, the one and only Jennifer McGuire - Clearly Cute Photo Tag Book. This was the FIRST class I added, the one that I knew I did not want to miss out on.
  • Tim Holtz: taught by THE Tim Holtz, making a mosaic mirro
  • Autumn Leaves: Stampology 101

Who else out there is going to Scrapfest and what classes did you get into?

Have you seen the new Stampin' Up Idea Book & Catalog. It has lulled me to sleep the past two nights. I've read it like a bedtime story. I can't get the images and the amazing new colors out of my head. I'm compiling my order. There are 5 sets that I am in LOVE with, but a ton of new Designer Series Papers and other embellishments that are yumm-o. I've got a bunch of retired stuff and retired papers on ebay to make money for new stuff. Wish I could keep it ALL. I hate having to get rid of stuff. but I figure if I haven't used it by now....off it goes to make someone else's day.


Diva Card for 2Sketches4You.blogspot.com

I've mentioned a few times, I read a bazillion blogs. I'm in love with bazillions of designers, and desire a bazillion different products. i want it all, and have no self-control. I've seen Gina K Designs' cards for awhile now, but didn't have any. Until this little number came out. I saw a few samples in the daily bloggings, and KNEW I HAD TO HAVE IT. So cute. So many fun little possibilities for girlie cards. So when I saw the sketch challenge on 2Sketches4You, I decided I'd use my newest Gina K's.

Someone (maybe even the Diva Gina K herself) stamped that cute lil' T from the pages of a magazine. And that is exactly what I did for the zebra print -- I saw this dress in Good Housekeeping, and knew it'd make a great T-shirt! Who would have thought?! Stamp on a print from a magazine. hey -- free scrapbook paper. The saying is from Bella. Again, one of my newer stamps that I don't use nearly enough. I would have liked to have done the quote a little different; I don't love how it's positioned on the bottom of the shirt. But since I'm doing the Scrappin' while Mr. Crazy's Nappin' thing, and I still have to mop floors, I decided to call it good.


My first Color Inspiration Challenge

I'm finally participating in Kristina Werner's color inspiration challenge. For those of you not familiar, Kristina is an AMAZING scrapbooker who I've been following forever. I love her sense of humor, her style, her pure geniousness! Check out her blog, but don't blame me when you're hooked. Come to think of it, she was the start of all my scrapbook blogging addiction. She led to one, which led to another, which fed to another, and so on. Next thing I know, I'm reading 50+ a day. I'm looking for a good BA Group - Blogger's Anonymous. It's insanity. I can be on them all DAY if I really want to be. Which I do. But I DON'T.
Recipe: Stampin Up: Rose Red, Green Galore, Basic Black, Whisper White, black brads. Westrim: Stamps. Other: misc. fibers

So, what makes me think anyone's going to want to read this???

That is a GOOD question, I tell myself. I've got the family blog, so I am going to try to keep this one simply crafty related. After I wasn't chosen for the COOLEST JOB EVER at The Country's Best Scrapbook chain, I decided I wanted more of a creative outlet. I want to be more focused with scrapbooking, more motivated, and yes, win a contest or a prize. And, well...I want to be published. There. I said it, for all of Internet Land to see. My goal is to have something published in a magazine. There are a bazillion fantastic scrapbookers out there. I know because I read all their blogs. I see their cool stuff. I learn from them. And now, I want to join 'em. Enough lurking, I'm throwing my (scrapbooking) hat in the ring. I also hope to be motivating to other scrapbookers. For me, it is a passion. I am lucky to have the space that I do to be able to work on it. I am lucky to have a husband who was actually the first person to put the bug in my ear "why don't you try to get published?" when I had no idea that he had any idea what it even WAS to get published. (hmmm...maybe he does retain some of what I blab about?!) I know not everyone wants to be this freaky addicted, but I am hoping to get more people into scrapbooking, convert some people, if you will. And win the toaster for having the most converts. How can you NOT want to scrapbook? You get to BUY stuff, people, like, all the time! I am in the process of creating my banner with a designer, and adding all the links and creative inspirations that I follow to the sidebar. This blog is officially open, but it's going to be reworked until it doesn't looks so, well, BLOGGY. So stay tuned.