Olympics Hangover.

It's a real condition. The local news termed it. Hit the nail on the head. I laughed when I heard it previewed; they were going to do a story on it, following the men's gymnastics competition. I set the DVR to record it, but since gymnastics ran for 8,000 hours, my DVR didn't pick up the news. So I missed what they had to say about it, but I'm lovin' the term, and it totally fits how I've been feeling. Everyday. Dragging. Up until midnight or later. The info blasts me in the face every time I log on to Yahoo! Video clips everywhere. Scandals galore - underage gymnasts? fake fireworks? racist photos? I soak it all up.
And then there's my favorite. MP. LOVE that guy. He holds a place in my heart, and here's why.
It all started when Zack was born in 2005. Phelps was only a year out of the 2004 Olympics. Pretty famous guy because of his awesome performance. Long story short, because of what happened during delivery, I couldn't stand without the use of a walker, hence, couldn't give Zack a bath. So, after he got one sink bath his first day home, I opted to give him tub baths with me from then on. Immediately I could tell that he was lovin' the water. LOVED it. Then, when he was 16 months, he went swimming in the pool in Arizona, and the kid couldn't stop jumping in. On. His. Own. Everyone kept looking at me like "hey, lady, your kid -- your ki--oh, he jumped." Oh yeah, don't forget the time he jumped in during swim lessons, while I turned my back to grab a floatie, and the lady in the gallery screamed, and two lifeguards jumped in after him, and he came up smiling and laughing, but when he saw how scared everyone was, he started to cry. So I've been calling Zack "Michael Phelps" forever.
And how proud would you be to be his mother?! The interviews with her, the photos of her, bring tears to my eyes. As the mother of a little boy, I can only hope that he seeks me out in the stands of whatever sport he plays the way that Michael looks for his mother. The special interest story when they interviewed her prior to his first race really choked me up. She told the story of her memory of Michael receiving his first gold medal in the 2004 Olympics. She said he was walking toward her, with a peanut butter/jelly sandwich in one hand, and a gold medal in the other, and he looks at her with the hugest grin on his face and says "look what I did." Wow. I get chills even now, just picturing it. something about little boys and their mothers. I can picture Zack giving me that same look. Pure sweetness.

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