So, what makes me think anyone's going to want to read this???

That is a GOOD question, I tell myself. I've got the family blog, so I am going to try to keep this one simply crafty related. After I wasn't chosen for the COOLEST JOB EVER at The Country's Best Scrapbook chain, I decided I wanted more of a creative outlet. I want to be more focused with scrapbooking, more motivated, and yes, win a contest or a prize. And, well...I want to be published. There. I said it, for all of Internet Land to see. My goal is to have something published in a magazine. There are a bazillion fantastic scrapbookers out there. I know because I read all their blogs. I see their cool stuff. I learn from them. And now, I want to join 'em. Enough lurking, I'm throwing my (scrapbooking) hat in the ring. I also hope to be motivating to other scrapbookers. For me, it is a passion. I am lucky to have the space that I do to be able to work on it. I am lucky to have a husband who was actually the first person to put the bug in my ear "why don't you try to get published?" when I had no idea that he had any idea what it even WAS to get published. (hmmm...maybe he does retain some of what I blab about?!) I know not everyone wants to be this freaky addicted, but I am hoping to get more people into scrapbooking, convert some people, if you will. And win the toaster for having the most converts. How can you NOT want to scrapbook? You get to BUY stuff, people, like, all the time! I am in the process of creating my banner with a designer, and adding all the links and creative inspirations that I follow to the sidebar. This blog is officially open, but it's going to be reworked until it doesn't looks so, well, BLOGGY. So stay tuned.

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