Custom Christmas cards made to order, just like McDonald's does it.

Paper Miniskirt is gearing up for its first craft show this weekend. I've been tossing around the idea of doing cards for awhile in addition to my picture frames, but most people just aren't willing to pay the money, even though they'll pay $4 for a Hallmark card. Or $6, if you are my husband and go all out, thinking this is an ok thing to do when his wife has $82 billion dollars worth of stamping/cardmaking scrapbooking stuff at his fingertips. So I have come up with a solution. I am going to showcase 4-6 different cards - different stamp sets, colors, styles, and let the buyer choose from those samples. None of this starting from scratch, whipping up something new everytime. After all, when you go to McDonald's, they don't have 9 new sandwiches each week, do they?! No, you know that if you go on Wednesday or Sunday, the #1 Value Meal is always going to be the Big Mac. Hey, if it works for them.....So I started working on these samples today, and my first one was inspired by this card by Angie Tieman. I get her blog posts daily. I get about 60 blogposts daily -- and hers are usually the only ones that make me ooh and aah. Her style is very similar to how I like to create. Her lines are very clean and symmetrical, and not a lot of coloring, which is one thing I don't love.
Now, originally I made this card to stand vertically, but when I moved it the other way, I realized it looked MUCH better. So horizontal it is. Do you love the scallop circle? It is the 3" one. Now that's a big scallop. They've become an obsession, and punches seem to be what I spend my coupons on each week.

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