Dream Street Papers

Here's a couple layouts that I made last week using Dream Street Papers. These were made on Zack's 3rd birthday last week. It was so weird to be doing this layout of him 2 months old, when he was turning 3 that day. I can remember having that picture taken at Target. It was one of the first times we were out all by ourselves, and he threw a fit afterward, spit up all over that outfit. Have you seen the new Webster's Pages paper? Ohhhhhh....cute. And, on their website, they have a little form, that if you take it into your LSS, and the store then orders Webster's Pages and gives you credit, Webster's will send you a gift pack. Well, I took it in to my LSS, and my gift pack arrived today. Gotta love free supplies. And these are CUTE. And they send a catalog, so you can order more stuff. Isn't that cool?!? I finally got my pictures uploaded at ordered from the past month at Scrapbook Pictures.com. If you don't have your photos printed here, you should. They have so many different sizes, and you can do b/w or sepia. AND their shipping is only $2. No matter how much you order. I love how you can crop the pics however you'd like. I usually spend a ton of time editing them once I've uploaded them. The whole process can take awhile, if you leave all your photos until the end of the summer live I have done, but when you get them in 4x7, or 5x5 size and they are just PERFECT for layouts, then it's worth it.

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Renee said...

I love Scrapbook Pictures, I hope to get a ton uploaded and printed for the scrap retreat!