A few scrapbook layouts to share

Well, I finally got the photos taken of my layouts that I did in October. But, I am still making Christmas cards and frames like crazy, getting ready for the show this weekend.
I hate the glare, I hate the poor, outdated quality of the photos. Blame it on the antiquated camera. I AM getting a new one next week with the money off this next sale. it's time for a new camera, dang it.
the "coolest job" layout has one of the layered felt flower embellishments that I've been making and selling on Etsy. My mom has been fervishly sewing them -- I've got some new oranges, pinks (a lot of Heather Bailey fabrics) ready to be photographed and uploaded to sell.
The "my life was normal" layout doesn't have any journaling yet. It will tell the story of how I casually mentioned that soon we'd have to cut our tulips (to put them in a vase). Next thing I know, Zack is out there with his little scissors, and has cut them all, right at the tip of the flower, leaving 15 long, tall stems standing there naked. But the look of immense PRIDE as he displayed what he had done was priceless. I couldn't be mad. I grabbed my camera.

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JosieK said...

I just clicked over from Jennifer McGuire's blog 'cause I loved your organization tip and now I have to say that I LOVE your layouts. Especially the one that says, "My life was normal then I had a boy."
Happy Thanksgiving,