Kristina's Color Challenge

Hurray, I got to participate in the color challenge again. And great, bright, springy, non-wintery colors made it so fun! Here is the colors: and what I came up with: I was going to add the sentiment "for you" either hanging off the white ribbon, or under neath the 'happy', but it didn't work out. So, it stands as is. I like it, and think I"ll continue to use these colors since I'm in my 'get-the-heck-out-of-winter' mood.


What if the hokey pokey really is what it's all about?

Isn't that the Million Dollar question? I made a couple sets of this card to give as gifts, for the first time using this set. I forget what it's called, but it comes with a couple other cute sayings.
Here is a layout I put together quickly yesterday, while all those Amy Butler/K & Co goodies were still on my desk. I also used the butterfly and bliss stamp from Unity Stamp Company's December kit. It is the first kit club I have ever joined. ANd, it is a fantastic deal - only $25! This documented the day we started potty training, back in July.
This was a layout that I did using some Chatterbox stash that I have. Before we moved from Idaho, I got to attend their warehouse sale. Oh, heaven. Needless to say, I bought enough stuff that they could cease making scrapbook supplies until 2072 and I'd still have enough to create layouts. But who's counting. I needed something bright and pink and cheery, so I chose their stitched borders paper pack. I think I'll have to use pink more often.
Tomorrow is the start of Crafts Direct semi-annual paper and stickers sale. How sad is it that I've been dreaming of tomorrow ever since I found out about the sale over a week ago? I. Cannot. Wait. Half-off all stickers and paper?!? It doesn't get any better. I love you, Crafts Direct. I really, really love you.


Finishing up my Amy Butler goodies to make sympathy cards -

I took a K&Co. class at Scrapfest, and they had the BEST goodies in the kits. I had a ton of stuff left over, and decided I was finally going to use it. Here are three sympathy cards that I made. I also bought a big slab of paper with this line, so I'll have lots of it to use. It's the die cuts and little extra stuff that make it so fun!

Kristina's Color Challenge

LOVE the color challenges over at Kristina Werner's blog, but I haven't participated in awhile. Since I needed to do a sympathy card, and also wanted to participate in a sketch challenge, I decided to kill THREE birds with one stone. Kristina -- this is the weirdo who was so shocked to meet you at Scrap Fest when I came out of the ladies room and you were standing right there. I came nonchalantly out of the ladies room, excited for my next class, and she was standing right there. I go "KRISTINA!" as if we were LOOOOOOOOOONG lost friends, and she looked at me as if to say "yo, crazy scrapbook stalker....Back. Away. From. Me." It was so weird, because here she was, live and in person, after being in my computer for so, so long. (And yes, the voices in my head DO talk back to me.) So, here's my FIRST interpretation, which I promptly decided I didn't like.
So then I made this one: which I DO like. I then made several other sympathy cards, which I"ll post next.


If I could have one wish? To be a contestant on "Survivor."

I would give anything to be on it. But do I think someone is just going to walk up to my door and ask me to be in it?! Yes, I know, I do need to apply in order to get on. I just know I'd never be creative enough to do a 3 minute video, and get chosen. So for now, I dream. And I'm DYING to watch the finale. This was actually a very good season. Go Sugar!!!!
On to more scrapbook related news....I made a little decor today, while it was several degrees below zero outside. This cute little canvas piece was inspired by the totally talented Heather Nichols, who is TOTALLY scrapbook famous, and happens to reside in my town! She had done a little cute canvas project recently, and these guys were on sale for about $2. Had to try it. I don't love the bow I stuck on the left side, but I think I'll hang it on the wall in my studio. I also used Heather's own stamp set that she designed, Rustic Branches, which I absolutely love. Here it is:
The second little project I did was a door hanger from my leftover Basic Grey christmas papers. I shouldn't say 'leftover', if I've been hoarding 8-10 sheets of these letters, should I? How could I resist, when last year they were .99 at Archivers. I knew I needed a few sheets if I was going to spell anything good, since only 1 letter comes on each sheet. So here's what I made:
I am in the process of finishing up the recipe books that I'm decorating and creating for gifts. These are fun little books that have 10 of my favorite recipes. I should have those done tomorrow and will upload some pics. Off to watch Survivor!


Hey look, it's NOT a Christmas card!

Finally, I created something that was not a Christmas card. But I'm not showing it to you yet!
I spent a few hours yesterday cleaning up my studio, putting away all the Christmas/red/green items and stamps, gathering up all the scraps of paper, etc. Where do you put all those little extras that you can't bear to throw away? It kills me to throw anything bigger than, oh....3x3? so it all goes in a bin, then I sort the bin by SU colors every so often. The pattern stuff just stays in there, gets buried further and further down as I add more to it. Vicious cycle, no? I think I am all done with the Xmas paper projects, now it's on to the wrapping (shopping is done courteousy of Amazon.com!) and baking. I made my baking list - not going too crazy, just three or four kinds of cookies - and plan to do the baking this weekend. I was so overwhelmed yesterday, thinking of all that I could do - gifts to make, baking, contests, scrapping, craft bazaars to enter...that I broke everything down into smaller bits. I put down 3 or 4 things to get done each day between now and Christmas. Today, I was done with my 4 items by noon, looked at the list and thought "oh, is that all?!?" I feel good about it, and much less overwhelmed.
Here's a couple pictures of an album that I have made, where I am going to add a photo every day from December 13-December 25th. That is the 12 days of Christmas, right? I've never done one of these, and am just now getting into mini albums, so I'm really excited to start. Each day, we'll do something winter/holiday related, and take a photo. I'm sure I won't get the picutres printed each day (really, let's not get carried away), but it will be finished shortly after. The tags are leftover from the Cosmo Cricket's Naked Chipboard stuff that I made all my ornaments from last year.
Oh, speaking of ornaments....here is my tree:


I found the greatest fabrics...more frames on the way!

I've been spreadin' the Etsy love around, and buying my fabric online from other Etsy sellers. What did we do before the internet!?!? Hello...I don't even have to leave my house to get all this wonderful Amy Butler fabric delivered right to my door. One of my absolute favorite Etsy shops is The Fabric Shoppe. And what's cool is that she is also from Minnesota! The shop owner, Jody has a super cool blog where she features other crafty items (yes, she is an enabler) and cool finds. Well, she featured me on her blog the other day. Tomorrow is frame making day. The factory will be in full swing, since I have a show coming up this weekend. I just received 15 new prints, and I can't WAIT to put them together. For those of you who can't make it to the Battle Lake show, you can see them in my Etsy store later this week.