Hey look, it's NOT a Christmas card!

Finally, I created something that was not a Christmas card. But I'm not showing it to you yet!
I spent a few hours yesterday cleaning up my studio, putting away all the Christmas/red/green items and stamps, gathering up all the scraps of paper, etc. Where do you put all those little extras that you can't bear to throw away? It kills me to throw anything bigger than, oh....3x3? so it all goes in a bin, then I sort the bin by SU colors every so often. The pattern stuff just stays in there, gets buried further and further down as I add more to it. Vicious cycle, no? I think I am all done with the Xmas paper projects, now it's on to the wrapping (shopping is done courteousy of Amazon.com!) and baking. I made my baking list - not going too crazy, just three or four kinds of cookies - and plan to do the baking this weekend. I was so overwhelmed yesterday, thinking of all that I could do - gifts to make, baking, contests, scrapping, craft bazaars to enter...that I broke everything down into smaller bits. I put down 3 or 4 things to get done each day between now and Christmas. Today, I was done with my 4 items by noon, looked at the list and thought "oh, is that all?!?" I feel good about it, and much less overwhelmed.
Here's a couple pictures of an album that I have made, where I am going to add a photo every day from December 13-December 25th. That is the 12 days of Christmas, right? I've never done one of these, and am just now getting into mini albums, so I'm really excited to start. Each day, we'll do something winter/holiday related, and take a photo. I'm sure I won't get the picutres printed each day (really, let's not get carried away), but it will be finished shortly after. The tags are leftover from the Cosmo Cricket's Naked Chipboard stuff that I made all my ornaments from last year.
Oh, speaking of ornaments....here is my tree:

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