If I could have one wish? To be a contestant on "Survivor."

I would give anything to be on it. But do I think someone is just going to walk up to my door and ask me to be in it?! Yes, I know, I do need to apply in order to get on. I just know I'd never be creative enough to do a 3 minute video, and get chosen. So for now, I dream. And I'm DYING to watch the finale. This was actually a very good season. Go Sugar!!!!
On to more scrapbook related news....I made a little decor today, while it was several degrees below zero outside. This cute little canvas piece was inspired by the totally talented Heather Nichols, who is TOTALLY scrapbook famous, and happens to reside in my town! She had done a little cute canvas project recently, and these guys were on sale for about $2. Had to try it. I don't love the bow I stuck on the left side, but I think I'll hang it on the wall in my studio. I also used Heather's own stamp set that she designed, Rustic Branches, which I absolutely love. Here it is:
The second little project I did was a door hanger from my leftover Basic Grey christmas papers. I shouldn't say 'leftover', if I've been hoarding 8-10 sheets of these letters, should I? How could I resist, when last year they were .99 at Archivers. I knew I needed a few sheets if I was going to spell anything good, since only 1 letter comes on each sheet. So here's what I made:
I am in the process of finishing up the recipe books that I'm decorating and creating for gifts. These are fun little books that have 10 of my favorite recipes. I should have those done tomorrow and will upload some pics. Off to watch Survivor!

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