Kristina's Color Challenge

LOVE the color challenges over at Kristina Werner's blog, but I haven't participated in awhile. Since I needed to do a sympathy card, and also wanted to participate in a sketch challenge, I decided to kill THREE birds with one stone. Kristina -- this is the weirdo who was so shocked to meet you at Scrap Fest when I came out of the ladies room and you were standing right there. I came nonchalantly out of the ladies room, excited for my next class, and she was standing right there. I go "KRISTINA!" as if we were LOOOOOOOOOONG lost friends, and she looked at me as if to say "yo, crazy scrapbook stalker....Back. Away. From. Me." It was so weird, because here she was, live and in person, after being in my computer for so, so long. (And yes, the voices in my head DO talk back to me.) So, here's my FIRST interpretation, which I promptly decided I didn't like.
So then I made this one: which I DO like. I then made several other sympathy cards, which I"ll post next.

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