Kristina's Color Challenge

Hurray, I got to participate in the color challenge again. And great, bright, springy, non-wintery colors made it so fun! Here is the colors: and what I came up with: I was going to add the sentiment "for you" either hanging off the white ribbon, or under neath the 'happy', but it didn't work out. So, it stands as is. I like it, and think I"ll continue to use these colors since I'm in my 'get-the-heck-out-of-winter' mood.


apigonfire said...

very cute!
great job with the challenge - and making me want this stamp! :)

Denise W said...

Hi Kristi!!!

I didn't know you had a blog, so this is so exciting to find and read! I'm going to add you to my blogroll to check in on your stuff!

Rachael Knight said...

I know this isn't the latest colour challenge, but I thought I'd tell you I love it anyway! Can't wait until SU gives us the silhouette style stamps in NZ. Thanks for visiting my blog and posting such a sweet comment!