My Supah Hero

If you have a boy, you get it. Boys just....do their boy thing. The noises. The crazy sounds. The make-believe. Turning every thing into a gun or an army guy. So, I had to do a layout on what Zack said the other day. This Spiderman costume has gotten me my moneys worth. (Purchased the day after Halloween 2007 at Target. Half-price, of course.) Last week he says "Mom....hey mom....get me my Spider man costume. I want to save the day. I'm a supah hero." How can I NOT scrapbook something so sweet?! And in the picture on the far right is him saying something he says ALL the time "loook at my muscles mom...look at my big muscles." (only he says it Muh-sohs.)
I had a little strip of the Amy Butler paper - the grey and white circles -left from another layout . Doesn't it look great with the blue? I love it. The little row of stars is from some Jenny Bowlin stuff I've been hoarding.

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