I wasn't really sad about kindergarten until I got the note from the bus company that read: "Pick up time: 7:49 a.m. Bus #2." Then it hit me. I just let my baby, my first born, get on a BUS with some STRANGER to be driven who knows where?!? I know the driver isn't a stranger. And of course, he/she will drive them straight to school. But it is the IDEA of letting my son go, on his OWN, off on his merry way to school. Without me. No more all day every day at home. I had a panic attack, envisioned standing at the front window, watching him hop on, turning around and waving....those long skinny-assed legs climbing the stairs, him waving out the window sitting on those big green high-backed seats. Suddently the future and the next 12 years flashed before my eyes, him getting on the bus year after year; getting bigger and more independent each year. Each September. Off he goes. Not. Ready. For this. He doesn't even know his PHONE NUMBER for pete's sake. And he still thinks the whole entire state, every single town, is called Minnesota. What if he ends up in Sauk Rapids and can't explain that he lives in ST. CLOUD?!? the only thing getting me through this is knowing that I will get to scrapbook some fantastic pictures. And planning what he will wear the first day. Of course, to coordinate with the paper that I've already bought.