Have you printed your summer photos?

As much as I relish photos, I hate uploading them. Hate it. I've wavered between Shutterfly,Winkflash, Clark Color, Walgreens and Walmart. Currently, I'm on a Walmart kick. They are the cheapest and their collages are the easiest to make. BUT, I still can't figure out how to make them into black and whites. (Anyone know?)
Once I've uploaded all my photos, I sit and dwell over them, and want to make so many edits and crops within the editing software that I get overwhelmed. So I have to do it in phases. Upload...add them to all to my cart...choose the sizes...make collages. Some of you may be asking "Collages?" Yes! I LOVE collages! When I have a bunch of pictures from one event and just can't choose which ones to print into 4x6's, I tend to make a collage out of them. Its so easy to do, and costs the same price -- nine cents!! (Walmart price).
If you're ready to start working on your holiday photo cards, there are some great deals out there right now:
I'm terribly sad that summer has ended. I had a great summer season, and loved meeting all of you and seeing your excitement and hearing where you planned to use your magnetic photo board. Remember...I always love to see photos of your magnet boards on the Paper Miniskirt Facebook page!
Peace, Love and Paper Miniskirts,

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