Are you in an organizing funnel cloud?

What is it about that last week of December that cause the organizational tectonic plates to shift into high gear and throw up the funnel cloud? I go from room to room and am on a purging fest -- bins that go to the Goodwill, bins that go to the trash, bins that I wonder if this will be the year that I get to a certain project. And usually about now is when I look at the clutter I've accumulated and vow that NEXT year will be different. I know my hoarding sweet spot: scrapbook supplies. And every year I swear I'm going to stop beating myself up about not scrapbooking as much as I feel I should, and just simplify and enjoy the process. Do something like printed books or Project Life.
There are a billion deals and steals out there on photo books and photo printing. Here are just a few that have come my way:


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And check this out for a free 8x10 photo canvas or $55 any other sized canvas. I saying I'm going to do one of these, but can't decide which photo!

Since we're talking about photos and scrapbooking: who does Project Life? What are your thoughts..do you love it...has it sat in a box? I keep thinking I want to do it, but that would force me to stop the hoarding of supplies. (would that help or hinder the problem?!)

Here's a great video on the founder of Project Life, Becky Higgins, explaining her mission. I am always saying how passionate I am about retrospection. But I can never put it into words as eloquent as Becky does here. So I'll let her say it.

If you're not familiar with Project Life, the main premise is to scrapbook the every day moments...your routines, your family's little events that make up our lives. Not just big things like milestones and birthdays. And it's not about big elaborate scrapbook pages. It is ONE album, ONE set of cards. Simple, right? Yet I still refuse to go the simple route and hoard a bazillion supplies.)

I've got a MAJOR cleaning up last year's stash of fabric sale going on at the Etsy website. Lots of 10x20s for $25-$29 each, or a choose your own grab bag sale: for just $58 you get to Pick Three! I'm listing them all weekend, so check back if you don't see three you like. I've got more than 30 to pick from!

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