21 questions to ask your kids

This one has been around awhile, but I was recently reminded of it and decided to ask my six year old. The answers are quite funny. Try it with your kids and record their answers. Because really...don't kids say the darndest things?!

1. What is something Mommy always says to you? "Brush your teeth."

2. What makes Mommy happy? Doing what she says. (then he goes "did I get it right?")

3. What makes Mommy sad? Not obeying.

4. How does Mommy make you laugh? Saying funny things.

5. What was Mommy like as a child?

I don't know that.

6. How old is Mommy? 36. (I wish).

7. How tall is Mommy? 16 inches. (so glad I'm not).

8. What is Mommy’s favorite thing to do? Go shopping. (Busted!)

9. What does Mommy do when you’re not around?

I don't know..how can I know when I don't see it? (Yes, he is my literal one.)

10. If Mommy becomes famous,what will it be for?

Scrapbooking (huh?!)

11. What is Mommy really good at? Craft shows. (Awwwww....)

12. What is Mommy not very good at? Catching fish.

13. What does Mommy do for her job?

Scrapbooking. (huh?!)

14. What is Mommy’s favorite food? Noodles with ketchup. (it was when I was a kid, and I recently introduced him to it. He's a HUGE fan. My tastes have refined a little bit.)

15. What makes you proud of Mommy? Being famous. (I'd better get famous so he can be proud.)

16. If Mommy were a cartoon character,who would she be? Winnie the Pooh and Spiderman. (So, I'm both soft and cuddly and bad-ass…)

17. What do you and Mommy do together? Go shopping. (Oh yeah...cuz he LOVES the grocery store with me?!)

18. How are you and Mommy the same?

We are on the computer a lot. (Pretty true. I'll have to work on that.)

19. How are you and Mommy different?

She's not a good fisherman. (guess I should work on that, too.)

20. How do you know Mommy loves you? Because she says it at night all the time.

21. Where is Mommy’s favorite place to go?

Caribou. (mmmm...he knows me well.)

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