What in the world did I cook before Pinterest?

Are you on Pinterest? Or should I say : "Are you on Pinterest 500 hours every day like I am?" Yeah...its a time waster. But a darn productive one, I say. Some days I get on there, and the next thing I know it's been an hour..or two hours.. And can I just say "What the heck did I cook before Pinterest?!" The amount of recipes on there is amazing. I"ve been on it for nearly a year, and I am A.D.D.I.C.T.E.D And the things...oh, the things that are there: Coca-Cola Cake, crockpot ideas, dips...ahhhh. Cleaning tips, fabulous clothes, ways to decorate your home, beautiful places in the world to visit...you name it, its there on Pinterest.
Last week there was a ton of press about Pinterest on the news and in magazines; so much so, that my husband said "what the heck is this Pinterest?" The way I explained it to him was this: its like a giant bulletin board. And you take a sticky note that you've written to yourself that is the web address you don't want to forget of the awesome tips for kids' games, or a recipe you've torn out of a magazine, or an inspirational photo of the ocean for a trip you'd like to take. It's this huge canvas, and you 'pin' anything you want on to it so that you remember it there for later. So rather than going to your bookmarks folder on your computer, where you've book marked a bazillion different websites and you can't remember why, you can just go to Pinterest and see EVERYTHING. All in one place that YOU put there: recipes, tips, clothes, quotes, books you want to read, etc. Make sense?
Check out my boards here, or if you're not on Pinterest yet, you can open a free account and then search for me.
The photo above is for little frozen dollops of yogurt that make yogurt bites. Now why didn't I think of that?!