How to make Personalized iPhone covers

I talk a lot about great digital printing services. I've recently learned of a new one through my dear Idaho-returned-back-to-California friend Tammy. (hi Tammy!)
When I committed to doing Project Life, I knew I needed a digital program or a printing service that allowed me to print 3x4 prints and collages. Tammy told me about Persnickety Prints. tonight I was working on uploading photos and collages to their site. i'm about to send in my first photo order, and i'm super excited to see their quality. Anyhow, when I logged on, I saw this: Pernickety Print's I-Phone covers on sale for only $19.95, through Monday only. How STINKIN' CUTE are these?!?!? I think I'm going to order one. Now to choose which photo....

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