Big Sale | What's up with the number FOUR?

Normally my favorite numbers are 18 and 28.  I'm not big into single numbers.  (Hmm...I wonder what that says about me?  I'll have to dig into that). But in honor of my 40th birthday and the 400th Paper Miniskirt fan on Facebook and the finale of Paper Miniskirt's 4th year...

We're having a $40 sale!

For $40, you get a 10x20 magnet board of your choice with FOUR extra magnets, shipping included. That's right! Board, EXTRA magnets, and shipping for only $40. This is an awesome deal.  For each and every 10x20 magnetic board you order, you will get an extra set of 4 magnets. So the time to cross some Christmas gifts off your list is now.  Order one or order FOUR....extra magnets, free shipping.  (I think the anticipation of FORTY has made me crazy?)  Shipping time is currently about 10 days. So you WILL have them in time for Christmas.

Where do you find the choices? Check Paper Miniskirt's website.  Email me which ones you'd like, and I will send you the invoice for the total.

Every additional board you order will be $35 and will include extra magnets and free shipping.
One magnet board + extra magnets + free shipping = $40
Two magnet boards + extra magnets + free shipping = $75
Three magnet boards + extra magnets  + free shipping = $110

To miss out on this sale would be a BIG mistake.  BIG. HUGE. (Arms spread, holding packages, Julia Roberts style.....please tell me you catch the reference?It's one of my absolute favorites.)


How to get FREE stuff from Paper Miniskirt. And a catchy little tune

How to get FREE stuff from Paper Miniskirt? Become a fan on Facebook.  You'll be the first to hear about website special sales, (FREE magnets...FREE shipping), new fabrics, and tons of other cool photo and organizing related deals. 
In honor of opening deer hunting this weekend here in Minnesota, I wanted to share this video from Zack's Preschool Graduation 2009. A catchy little tune.  I hope it doesn't get caught in your head the rest of the day. 

Hello  to all the new friends I met at the Minot Big One Craft Show this weekend. Thanks for coming out despite the muck and snow. This weekend is the Autumn Festival in Shakopee, MN. Come out Thursday - Sunday and get started Christmas shopping from more than 450 vendors at Canterbury Park!  This is a good one. And Canterbury has the most amazing Bloody Mary's -- cheese, shrimp, pepadew, pickles all included.  It's lunch!