(Stylish) Printable 2013 calendars

The week between Christmas and New Year's is always filled with major organizing and purging for me.  I love it.   One of the first things I like to do in my end-of-year organizational flurry is unsubscribe myself from the newsletters/websites that I get but never read. You know, the mail you get daily but don't look at? The stuff that is cluttering up your inbox and taking time from your day just to delete it?  But one email that I definitely didn't delete was from Today's Creative Blog.  Always filled with great stuff, this post had a gigantic list of 2013 printable calendars. The start of a new year needs shiny new calendars!  These are adorable, free, and easy to print (just click on the link).  Print one each month to stick in your purse, or post on your magnet board.
Printed calendar on a 16x20 magnet board

You could also laminate it, and use a wipe-off pen to mark meals, count down days, etc.

So here are a couple of my favorites printables that I found:

This is an all- year-in-one kind of 8x10. Love the colors on this one from Love vs. Design:

If you like super festive and fun, you'll love these from The Twinery. It just screams classy.

 Blooming Homestead is a blog I just found. When I clicked on the link to her calendar, I also found meal planning sheets, family wish lists, and a list for contacts.  Teal and yellow and gray together? Um, yes please.Who knew organizing could be so stylish? I definitely signed up to receive her emails.

My Owl Barn has several adorable calendars if you like owls. And really, who doesn't like owls?
Owls, anyone?

But far and away my favorite, and therefore the one I am printing this year (again!) to put on my magnetic memo board is the 2013 printable calendar from The Tomkat Studio.  I love her colors. I love her fonts. I just love every single thing this woman does. 2013 Full Page Calendar - TomKat Studio 2013 Full Page Calendar - TomKat Studio