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DIY Wall Hanging Project

Last season I ordered some fabric that looked great online, but when I received it was too big of a print to look good on a magnet board.  I couldn't return the fabric, but I knew I wanted to do something with it.  It was SO FUN to look at. And, I caught a glimpse of the fabric on TV on a show "Guys with Kids." (I think my exact words were: "See those cute pillows? I have that fabric!")

So I went to check out my local Goodwill.  I ran across this 24x36 print. The frame is perfect but the photo? Not so much.

I took the glass out and spray painted it.

Then I wrapped the fabric around the board:

 Then I put the frame back on, and...wa-la! A brand new print for my wall.  (I think it compliments the brick fort behind the treadmill rather nicely, don't you?)

That wall needed something bright and this was an inexpensive fix.  I love it!

FREE SHIPPING offer from Clark Color

One of my favorite places to have my pictures printed is Clark Color.  Their prices are great, their quality is amazing. I also love how you can upload to different folders, rather than just by date.  But their shipping is rather expensive (usually $8-$10).  So I usually wait several weeks (or months),  to print up a huge stash of photos all at once to justify the shipping. But this week they have a great special on free shipping! With a $20 order, enter the code DeliverMe before February 11 and your shipping from Clark Color is FREE! I have NEVER seen free shipping from them, so this one is a super deal!

Valentine's Day Printable

Print and frame for an inexpensive Valentine decoration!

I'm a Pinterest hoarder.  What's that, you ask? It means I hoard my pins.  I pin, and I pin, and I pin some more, but rarely make anything.  Well that habit is going to STOP,  I say!  This is the year that I cook/organize/make/dress via things I saw on Pinterest. Starting with this adorable Valentine's Day printable.  The link will take you to the website, where you can download this print in either 5x7 or 8x10, and in four different colors.  How cool!!  Seriously, what did we do before Pinterest?!? This Shabby Chic frame is from Hobby Lobby, but I think I've seen them at Target as well.

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