February sale on Magnet Boards | Is it summer yet?

It's time for a sale!

I've been hibernating for the month of January but now it's time to get back to work and get going on summer inventory! I have a few fabric choices that I have surpluses of, or are no longer going to carry next year.  To move those styles, I am having a super CLEARANCE SALE! Now you can get the selected stylesin a 16x20 size for the 10x20 price! AND, when you buy any two of the selected styles, you will get a third magnet board FREE! All styles shown are now only $35 for a 16x20 size. Buy two, ($70) and you can choose a third one FREE.  Shipping is flat rate $8. Stock up now for these coming occasions:
  • spring cleaning
  • teacher gifts
  • Mother's Day gifts
  • Graduation gifts

Left: Red floral available in 16x20 for $35.
Right: Joel Dewberry available in 16x20 for $35 or 10x20 for $35

This red pattern is so fun and bright! It totally livens up any room.  Due to the print size, it is available only in 16x20.  I have two available; these would great great on a large wall as a collage!  I've carried the Joel Dewberry pattern for two years and it's time to bid it farewell.  This is a timeless classic.  I have 10x20 and 16x20 available; again, you could put together a collage of three similar to this:

More styles:

Left: green retro. Available in 16x20 only for $35. Right: Celadon available in 10x20 only.

Or how about these:

This green one is another that has been in the lineup for two years. Available in 16x20 for $35 and 10x20 for $35. Take advantage of the special, and when you buy two 16x20s for $70, then get the 10x20 for free! 

 And then there's orange!
This orange one is adorable with the matching orange buttons! Available in either 16x20 or 10x20 for $35

I love this yellow pattern, and love it even MORE with the shabby chic rosette trim. This one also is available in either 16x20 or 10x20 for $35. This is another one that you could make a collage with three of them: two 16x20s for $70 and get a free 10x20.

So there you have it.  Seven fun patterns to choose from.  These patterns are NOT on Paper Miniskirt's website.   Email me your selections and I will send you an invoice. Don't miss out on this awesome sale!
Watch for new patterns coming soon!

Summer Schedule

 I loathe winter. I don't ski. I don't snowmobile. I'll take a beach and 110 degrees over snow any day. But the one excitement of the winter months is the acceptance (or sometimes rejection) of the new shows. Most of my scheduled shows are juried, which means you have to apply and be accepted by a panel of judges. It's nerve wracking, and sometimes I don't get in to shows that I would love to attend. 

So far I've got a couple acceptances to report:

April 12-14  Canterbury Spring Festival, Shakopee, MN
April 20      HAMMS event, St. Paul, MN      NEW!!
June 29-30 Gold Coast Art Fair, Chicago, IL  NEW!!
August 31-Sept 1 Third Ward Art Festival, Milwaukee, WI  NEW!!

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