Paper Miniskirt Magnet Photo Boards: Postcards from your digital photos

I love to watch the show "Shark Tank." LOVE IT. I watch episodes while I'm in my factory, glueing, ironing, cutting to create the magnetic photo boards I'm so passionate about. In my head I compose answers to questions and quick-witted responses that I'd give to Kevin O'Leary. I aim to convey my passion and entrepreneurial spirit to Barbara Corcoran and hear her say "Let's do a deal." (Real estate mogul and alove of photographs...she's my gal!)

I also keep a pen and paper next to me to jot down the companies that are profiled on the show. They spotlight the most amazing products and services that I've never seen before! This past week I was stopped dead in my tracks when I saw Postcard on the run.

It's no secret I love photographs. Its what my own business is derived from. But I also love mail. Good old fashioned United States Postal Service. I can remember as a kid waiting on the front steps for the mail carrier's car to pull up. I'd race out to the mailbox and got a thrill opening up the lid to see what had been delivered that day.  I'm still not sure what exactly I expected to receive every day: real letters? I didn't have any pen pals. Bills? I was seven.  The hottest thing in those days was the JCPenney and Sears catalogs and those only came out once a year. I still LOVE getting the mail: any mail...catalogs, bills, handwritten letters. Uhhh...hang on a second. Hand. Written. Letters?  Who does THAT!?!?!

Postcard on the Run combines your photographs with a handwritten letter and mails it to anyone anywhere for only $2.50. Super affordable. Super simple. Don't know their address? Easy. Postcards on the Run will find it for you, emailing the recipient for retrieval. It's a free app that you download. Then upload your photo and text, and you can sign your own name. ( at this time, only your signature is handwritten, but they are working on the capability to do the rest.)

I have to admit I haven't tried this service yet, but I can't wait to start sending some postcards. I was so excited about this service, and I couldn't wait to tell you guys about it.

This weekend's show is The Big One in Minot, ND. Hours are Friday 10-8 and Saturday 9-5. This is a great show, that last year was partly snowed out. Hope to see you there!

Have you been to Paper Miniskirt's website lately? Its just been updated with more than 30 new fabrics! If you can't get to a show, you can shop here! Last day to order for guaranteed holiday delivery is December 10th.

Check out my newest product: Monogrammed Burlap 16x20 magnet boards! They are currently listed on the Etsy website: 
Price is $40 and includes eight black stone magnets.

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Paper Miniskirt: Where the name came from

I get asked ALL THE TIME where the name 'Paper Miniskirt' came from.  Some people walk past my booth, read the sign outloud like this: "paper miniskirts?!? What are paper miniskirts?!?" I want to point out that the miniskirt is actually singular. There is only one skirt. But I bite my tongue. 

I once had two women come rushing in saying "where are the paper miniskirts?!?" And were looking around my booth in a panic. I laughingly said "oh, I'm all out!" When I finished explaining that the name was not literal, and therefore, I had no such thing, they walked away in a huff and were actually quite mad at me.  

It's no secret, but it is a pretty neat story.  In 2008 I was sitting on my living room floor, drawing up a business plan with the intent of making a couple magnet boards and selling them at some small art shows. I knew I wanted to do a cool name, not just "Kristi's Magnet Boards." At the time I was a HUGE scrapbooker, and was really into a company called Cosmo Cricket. I was tooling around their website, and happened to run across the story of how they got their name: an anagram website. I clicked over to the site and put in my name. Below are the results:

Sure, "Martinis Kipper"would have been a fine name. Or "Ramekins Pi Trip." But when I saw it:
                                                              PAPER MINISKIRT

I got chills, yo. My long past unused marketing degree kicked in, and I pictured a fun, funky logo with a chic lady on it. That weekend I had lunch with my two favorite marketing mavens (hi Cami and Laura!) and ran the name past them. With their approval, it was a go. But honestly, if they'd hated it, I probably would have used it anyway.

So there ya have it. It get misspronounced. It gets a lot of funny looks. But it gets across what I want to represent with my magnet boards: something fresh, modern and fun that you can put in your home to bring special moments to your memory throughout the day.