Paper Miniskirt: Where the name came from

I get asked ALL THE TIME where the name 'Paper Miniskirt' came from.  Some people walk past my booth, read the sign outloud like this: "paper miniskirts?!? What are paper miniskirts?!?" I want to point out that the miniskirt is actually singular. There is only one skirt. But I bite my tongue. 

I once had two women come rushing in saying "where are the paper miniskirts?!?" And were looking around my booth in a panic. I laughingly said "oh, I'm all out!" When I finished explaining that the name was not literal, and therefore, I had no such thing, they walked away in a huff and were actually quite mad at me.  

It's no secret, but it is a pretty neat story.  In 2008 I was sitting on my living room floor, drawing up a business plan with the intent of making a couple magnet boards and selling them at some small art shows. I knew I wanted to do a cool name, not just "Kristi's Magnet Boards." At the time I was a HUGE scrapbooker, and was really into a company called Cosmo Cricket. I was tooling around their website, and happened to run across the story of how they got their name: an anagram website. I clicked over to the site and put in my name. Below are the results:

Sure, "Martinis Kipper"would have been a fine name. Or "Ramekins Pi Trip." But when I saw it:
                                                              PAPER MINISKIRT

I got chills, yo. My long past unused marketing degree kicked in, and I pictured a fun, funky logo with a chic lady on it. That weekend I had lunch with my two favorite marketing mavens (hi Cami and Laura!) and ran the name past them. With their approval, it was a go. But honestly, if they'd hated it, I probably would have used it anyway.

So there ya have it. It get misspronounced. It gets a lot of funny looks. But it gets across what I want to represent with my magnet boards: something fresh, modern and fun that you can put in your home to bring special moments to your memory throughout the day.

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