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A few weeks ago I stumbled upon the National Day Calendar - a great resource for some known, as well as not-so-well-known celebrated "National Day". For example, today is National Peanut Butter Lover's Day. Well, let me just head on over to Dairy Queen and set myself up with a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard to help celebrate. Last week one of the days was 'National Sticky Bun Day.' As if I needed an excuse to make sticky buns for breakfast. But who am I to pass up a celebration?!?

I subscribe to their newsletter, so every day I have an email that tells me what day to be celebrating. And if your winter is anything like ours, it helps to have just a little something to help get through. 
My van next to the Mount Rushmore sized snowbank in the Kohl's parking lot. 

Driving down my street. I can't even see the houses on the other side of the snowbank anymore.

Show notifications are starting to roll in! I post them on my Facebook page when I add a show to the calendar, and will also be putting the complete schedule on Paper Miniskirt's website. 

Speaking of the website: there's a few aesthetic issues going on right now that I am trying to fix. (anyone know WordPress code?!?) There's some funky pink lines around each product that I don't much care for, and the little note that says '8x10s do not come with trim' is missing. And, I've got a few new styles that I still need to put up! I'm so excited to show you the new 2014 fabrics! You can also check out my Pinterest site and see swatches of the fabrics before I get them turned into a magnet board. 

Here's a DIY project idea:

I saw this metal framed piece at Crafts Direct for $19.98. 

Check out how they jazzed it up and make it a cute magnet board:

 They added scrapbook paper and some burlap, made their own magnets, and ta-da! Its a cute decoration and functional piece to hold pictures or notes!

Happy March 1st! 

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