Top Five Things I Love about Warren's Cranberry Festival


1.) The cranberry fritters.
I'm not a cranberry lover (dont eat them at Thanksgiving), and a fritter would not be my donut of choice. But these fritters...eaten fresh and soft and in the crisp fall outdoors...are delicious. Dare I say I will eat one each and every day of the festival?

2.) The buzz in the air.
There's just something about 100,000 people all together in one tiny little space that makes a buzzing sound. CranFesthas its own sound. Its the way the throng of people looks when you view them from the top of the hill. 

3.) The shoppers

These women come to SHOP. Their carts, their lists, their game plans. They are on a mission. And there is always that ONE item every year, that every one has in their posession. And if you don't you are going to be asked where you got it. And then you hear them say "but you better hurry over there..they are almost out!" One year it was bird feeders on a stick. One year it was a flower on a stick. (I'm sensing a theme here.) I can't wait to see what this year's "must have item" is.

Its cheesecake. ON. A. STICK. 

4.) The loudspeaker. Yeah that's right. The loud speaker. A town of 17 people, and they use a major intercom system to announce daily "Good morning Cranfesters! Welcome to the 37th annual Warren's Cranberry Festival!" and then bid you goodbye each night at closing time. Throughout the day you're also reminded of any tour, event, parade, specialty item with the announcement of "Attention Cranfesters!"

5.) Pretty much every single thing. It's a dang fine festival that has its own vendor wristbands, a firefighter fish fry, a Miss Cranberry Festival pageant and a parade with 20 bands. I can't even begin to list everything. You'll just have to attend and see for yourself. 

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